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QA Manager / Coach

As a QA Manager, we create process descriptions tailored to your product and company in order to help you assess the capacities for your quality assurance and, if necessary, support you in establishing them. We accompany your processes with your development team and improve the processes in terms of quality assurance.

We can also carry out a quality control of your processes and test coverage and subsequently issue releases. In addition, we teach your development team general techniques for quality assurance, including unit tests, API tests, code reviews, etc.

If desired, we will also explain the necessity of continuous development within the context of the related functionalities and the resulting tasks. (Jenkins, Continuous Testing, etc.)

Training Quality Assurance

If you are interested in a training session for your developer or tester team, we are happy to offer this training for beginners as well as advanced users as (certified) test managers for your team.


Test Team

As a test team, we support your development or testing employees with the necessary manpower in the form of test managers or testers in both manual and automated form to bring your project to completion by the specified deadline.


Test Manager

As Test Manager, we actively support you during the implementation, conception, development and maintenance of your product. Depending on your needs, we create test concepts (also according to legal requirements), test plans, test cases, error descriptions and much more. Of course, we can also execute the written tests afterwards to complete a feature regression test or release test for you.


Software Tester (manual)

As a software tester (manual), we support your testing team at short notice and prevent capacity peaks in the execution of feature and release tests.

Software Tester (automated)

As software testers (automated) we support you in the development and maintenance of your project-related test suits. We make sure that even after we leave the project, the automation can continue with a certain amount of maintenance.

About Testing

What does testing mean? Testing or quality assurance is a continuously important part of our lives. The testing of toys for children under 3 years of age, water quality testing at the local waterworks or the testing of software that you have (pre-)installed on your home computer, laptop, smartphone or fitness tracker. Critical QA is specialized in software testing (Software QA – SQA).



What is SQA?

When producing software, the ultimate goal is to deliver a finished product. Even before and during the actual production, software tests, i.e. small partial inspections of the product should take place. This ranges from requirements and concept tests to the actual final acceptance before the product is made available to the customer.

What is the best way to set up SQA?

Despite the fact that many teams work on the same platforms and even develop similar products, it is always necessary to look at and analyze the company ecosystem, the methods used by the team, the desired SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) before using SQA. An SQA employee becomes a core component of the development team if he/she is sufficiently trained. Some teams in the agile environment rely on developers, project managers or even marketing and sales staff to “test” ad-hoc. This is especially the case for software that is developed only for the own company. This should, if at all, only be used for the initial phase of the company or for prototypes.

Why should testing be carried out?

Testing puts the product and partly also the team in a situation of constructive criticism, which ultimately improves the product. A better product also means higher value for the end user and therefore, more satisfied customers. Read more about the different types of testing (Testing Types) beta, performance, etc. and how they are used.