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Software Test Manager and Software Tester

We support you and your team effectively in your development and quality assurance! Our approach: The right one.



Fast and

You have high loads in your projects? We help immediately! We quickly find our way into your project. With a lot of experience, we are able to ensure the quality of your project until release or to smoothly bridge the time needed to hire a new employee.


As quality representatives we see it as our duty to keep your standards high. In doing so, we make sure that no delays occur in development or delivery. With optimized processes we make it much faster!

quality strategy

Every project and every company are unique. We always take the time to understand the individual situation and develop the best strategy. This ensures that the quality standards are maintained even in challenging times. For instance, when innovations are to be established or there is a lack of personnel.

Florian 1
Florian 1

Founder of Critical QA

Florian Hemmann


Development methods: Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum.

The quality assurance runs in the same methodology as the development. As an Agile Tester/Test Manager, we offer you the full scope: from manual feature testing to automated test suites of integration tests to test concepts, documentation according to legal requirements e.g. of the (German) BaFin or ISO 9000/9001 as well as ISTBQ vocabulary and workflows. The methods V-Model or also Waterfall are (slowly) becoming obsolete. But we can do/test that as well.